Tea on the Orient Express – December 1-4

Once again the The Herb Society of America – Southern Michigan Unit joined with Cranbrook House and Gardens to create a display for their annual Holiday Splendor.  The theme this year was   Trains and Trees.  Our display was titled  “Tea on the Orient Express”,  using inspiration from the Agatha Christie novel “Murder on the Orient Express”.   Enjoy!

You can also check out the Detroit Home articles on our display last year.  Here We Come A Wassailing and Figgy Pudding.


THE TREE: “Paris to Istanbul.”  ……Is decorated with flags of the countries that the Orient Express passes through. Also, note the silver trays set with teacups and champagne glasses, with chocolates and Turkish Delight candy.  Also, postcards from some the cities, and the swag reflects all the colors of these colorful countries. Thank you to Sheila for loaning us her train ornaments.

THE TABLE: set with china plates cups & saucers, ready for tea on the Orient Express to include candies, crumpets and “sweetmeats”.  The mountain scene represents the Orient Express getting stuck in the snow in Agatha Christie’s book.  Note the SILVER TRAY set for champagne, ready to go to one of the first class cabins.

THE SIDEBOARD: set for tea with Irish Belleek china.

THE ROUND TABLE:  Agatha Christie just stepped away from her typewriter.   Is she working on a new Murder Mystery?   Note the Herbal that she uses to research poisonous herbs and the hair curler Poirot would have used to curl his mustache.

THE CHAIR AND TABLE to the right of the tree. Who rushed off leaving her velvet cape, hat, and martini glass?   Whose lipstick is that on the glass, who was having a nightcap with her?   Is that blood on the hatpin? What does Poirot make of all this?   Where is the missing glove?   Where did that sugar cube come from and is it poisoned with a poisonous herbal tincture?

THE STOOL to the left of the fireplace : Who was kissing under the mistletoe after getting the LOVE NOTE?   Was it really Rachel, and is the handkerchief with initial “R” really hers, or was it planted to confuse Poirot ??   Is all her jewelry still safe?

THE CHAIR to the right of the fireplace?  Who rushed in and threw his coat and suitcases by the door?


long-view-of-the-room tree-and-table close-up-of-the-tablechair-by-the-fireplacetable-tea-set-and-champagneround-table-and-suitcasesside-boardtree-round-table-and-mountain-scene