HERBS: Bring Beauty, Charm & Life to the Garden – Jackie Walley

HERBS:  Bring Beauty, Charm & Life to the Garden

Beauty:  So much to say about herbs

  • Fragrance
  • Health Benefits
  • Our Culinary Experiences
  • Color – foliage, flowers, structure, seeds
  • Healthy Mental Effects
  • Activates our senses; Stimulates smell, touch, happy feelings
  • Stimulates imagination

Beauty can mean many things:

To start your plan it helps to think layers: Start on the vertical; work from top to bottom


  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Color – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
  • Purpose (accent, shade, privacy)
  • Deciduous or Evergreen

Shrubs – Middle Level

  • Shrubs offer shelter, pollen, flowers and bring life to the garden
  • Same features as trees but smaller
  • Adds flowering benefits
  • Deciduous or Evergreen

**Watch your choices for proper placement at maturity

Perennials/Herbs (large and small)

  • Beauty achieved with masses – more impact
  • Repetition = Effect
  • Drifts – overlapping elongated “S” shapes using different plants/colors
  • Delicate and strong foliage
  • Dark to light for contrast
  • Hues of same colors – add depth without using space
  • Bring incredible volumes of life to the garden- more consistent nectar and pollen
  • Using flowers and herbs in your entertaining and cocktails

NOTE:  Bleeding Heart formally Dicentra spectabilis is now Lamprocapnos spectabilis   Ponouced:  Lam Pro Capnos

Ground-covers and Bulbs – lowest level         

  • Prevents Erosion
  • Softens edges of hard-scape
  • “Stages” a special accent
  • Repetition creates the appearance of a larger space
  • Bulbs offer early anticipated color – in the fall a welcome surprise

Additionally – Annuals

  • Helps with color consistency during the season
  • Seeds like Nasturtiums
  • Lantana for Butterflies and Hummingbirds/Moth
  • Salvia – wonderful selections
  • Foxgloves – treat as an annual – better appearance (see annuals Digiplexis)
  • Especially useful for containers



  • Replace to Renew
  • Pruning A Must
  • Use new varieties of old
  • Use the same plant but in new unexpected ways e.g., topiary


  • Architecture
  • Built Structure
  • Living Form
  • Can offer a place of rest
  • Functional – water fountain; lighting


  • Color
  • Bird Houses
  • Fairy Gardens
  • Train Gardens
  • Water Garden
  • “Your Own Touch”


  • Endless varieties – fit the space
  • Allow enough room for growth
  • Seasonal Designs/Themes


Life in the Garden: So many benefits

  • Bees and wasps of any kind – especially pollinators, parasitic
  • Butterflies
  • Moths (nocturnal)
  • Hummingbirds – (must have ‘Black & Blue’ Salvia)
  • Hummingbird MOTH
  • Praying Mantis – Be on the watch – they attack Hummingbirds!!
  • Birds
  • Spiders: Orange Wheel Weaver
  • Yellow Garden Spider

Jackie Walley
Herbal Thymes & Gatherings