Spicy Curried Pumpkin Soup – Maryanne

2 lbs pumpkin (raw) – I used 2 pie-sized pumpkins
2 C onion, diced small
2 cloves of garlic, minced
1 qt chicken or vegetable stock
1/8t (more or less) cayenne pepper
1t cinnamon
2T honey
1T curry powder
1/2t nutmeg
Olive oil
Salt & pepper

Cut the pumpkins in half, scrape out the strings & seeds, lightly season (olive oil, salt & pepper) the inside of the pumpkin. Roast in the oven at 375º on a baking sheet for 30-40 minutes, until it’s cooked through. Scrap the pumpkin out of the shell & reserve.

Saute onions, add garlic. Add the stock, the pumpkin & the spices/honey, and heat through. Puree the soup in a blender & return to the pot. Adjust salt/pepper as needed.

Serve with a dollop of sour cream, and garnish with parsley and/or chives.