The Magic and Lore of Mystical Fairy Gardens – March 1, 2014

 Saturday, March 1, 2014 at 10am – Presented at Telly’s Greenhouse TROY MI

The Magic and Lore of Mystical Fairy Gardens

Fairy expert, Carol Czechowski, will enlighten us using her broad knowledge of fairy lore and practices. This entertaining presentation will provide us with all the information we need to understand the world of these mysterious creatures… and how to attract them to our gardens. This class is appropriate for all ages. Presented by The Herb Society of America – Southern Michigan Unit.  Tastings are part of this presentation as well as information about joining The Southern Michigan Unit.  Class fee $5.

March 1:  Fairy expert, Carol Czechowski, shared her broad knowledge of fairy lore and practices. We had 36 people join us for the lecture.  Carol was decked out in her fairy wings and provided a humorous and informative lecture.  Seven other unit members were in attendance to support Carol and set out the fairy snacks.   It really was a splendid day.

Carol’s recommended Reading:

Fairy Flower Series  by  Mary Cicely Barker
An Encyclopedia of Fairies  by  Katherine Briggs
The Personnel of Fairly Land  by  Katherine Briggs
The Enchanted World: Fairies and Elves,  Time Like Books  1985
Kristen’s Fairy House by Tracy Kane   (video:

Our Fairy Snacks

Cucumberdillies – Kathy
Oberon’s Delight
Fairy Berries – Kathy
Rainbow Toast
Cardamom Cookies
Sprites Soup


Carol m1  Carol with her wings         Fairy Food m1    Fairy Snacks

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